Read what people say

Read what people say

“Hannah is a great life coach. I found her patient and understanding throughout all our sessions. Talking to her comes very naturally and easily despite on some occasions talking through difficult subject matters. She is a very attentive listener and gives you the time and space you need.”

“Hannah is flexible and considerate…… polite, inquisitive and thoughtful. She took a gentle approach which works well for me. Hannah has a good understanding of family life which helped as I am a mum.”

“With Hannah’s deft guidance I was able to see where bad habits were keeping me from achieving my potential, and we worked together to unlearn them. She has a way of directing the conversation towards a satisfying conclusion – during which you answer your own questions and find your own solutions. Our sessions together will pay dividends.”

“I would recommend Hannah she is able to make you feel at ease, letting you have the opportunity to dig deep inside the topics you feel that are unsolved.”

“I got the chance to reflect on what I want from my life, what I want to do, versus what I think I should do and what I value and want to prioritise. As a result I signed up to study this year and change career.”

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