Achieving our wildest dreams may seem out of reach, but by focusing on what makes us who we are, we can work out a way to unlock our potential. The benefits of honest self-discovery are enormous.

By focusing on what makes us who we are, we can unlock our potential.


I offer a variety of life coaching services that can each be moulded to fit you and your lifestyle. A typical life coaching package spans three months, with one-hour sessions held every two weeks. With executive function coaching it is advisable to have sessions more regularly at first. You can dip your toe in the water and book a free consultation  to find out more about what might suit you. There is no obligation to continue, or we can take it from there if you wish.

I am based in Hackney, London, although sessions can also be held over zoom or phone if you are further afield.

Executive Function Coaching

Executive Functions are a set of cognitive processes that enable us to get things done. All of us have executive functions strengths and weaknesses, but for those of you with a diagnosis of ADHD or other neurodiversity, executive function weaknesses can cause extreme difficulty.

However anyone, with or without a diagnosis can experience struggles with procrastination, time management, planning, prioritising, organising yourself, your work and family, managing change and coping with emotions. I can help you find successful strategies to change unhelpful habits, implement new routines and dramatically improve these areas of your life.

• Careers

• Family issues

• Life insights

• Rediscovering zest for life

• Searching for meaning

• Finding your confidence

• Time management

• Organisation

• Procrastination

• Coping with emotions

How it works

The aim of our initial consultation is to define how you could benefit by receiving coaching from me. We would explore what you want to achieve, how you want to feel and what you want your life to be like. We may even start working out what changes you want or need to make. Through really listening, and questioning, I will gain an understanding of what’s not working in your life and why. If you’re unsure about some of the answers, I can help you get clear.

The initial consultation is free with no obligation to continue, so you get the chance to feel what working with me could be like before committing.

If after this session you feel you are ready to really look at yourself, to unearth the patterns, habits and limiting beliefs that might be holding you back, then we can look at which coaching package is right for you.

“It can seem preferable to stay where we are instead of continuing to develop and progress. We convince ourselves that actually we are managing ok.

This can seem so much easier then making the first move to face what’s really going on and looking at what might be stopping us from moving forward.

Booking a chat with me gives you a chance to test the water and see if you’re ready to take the first steps to becoming an unstoppable you.”

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