Executive Function Coaching

You put off getting started

When you finally start you realise your mind has wandered and you are thinking or doing something completely different, resulting in projects and plans rarely getting finished.

Time seems to slip away from you 

Things take way longer than you thought they would. You constantly feel busy but don’t achieve what you want, resulting in feeling overwhelmed, exhausted even a failure.

Things feel out of control. 

Neuroscience tells us we can change.

When you do something differently, even think about something differently, a new connection is formed in the brain. When you repeat this new action or thought the connection becomes stronger, the new behaviour becomes easier until it becomes second nature.

Executive function coaching helps you find the right strategies to create new routines and habits that result in life running more smoothly, becoming easier, calmer. You can be in control. 

“Ive made significant effective progress. Ive learnt to prioritise, am productive now and keep making things happen.”

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