from chaos to calm

from chaos to calm

“Imagine feeling competent and successful with life running smoothly.”

Life Coach Hannah Wellburn

“Life felt out of control but Hannah helped me create new habits, get organised and get things done. It feels like I can breathe again.”


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Who I am and how I work

Want to be your best self?

Firstly you are already able to be your best self, whatever ‘best’ means to you.

I believe we all have the power to create the life we desire and the strength and resources within us to do so. My role as your coach is to help you recognise how to use your best qualities, and to break down any barriers that might currently be stopping you achieving your best.

Most of us feel that we can be better versions of ourselves. However, years of behavioural patterns mean that accessing our potential isn’t easy. That’s where I come in.

The process of finding our ‘best’ self shouldn’t be a daunting experience. On the contrary – the process of discovery leading to a happier you can be a wonderful journey to take, for you and all those close to you.

Do you experience struggles with procrastination, time management, planning, prioritising, organising yourself, your work and family, managing change or coping with emotions?

I can help you find successful strategies to change unhelpful habits, implement new routines and dramatically improve these areas of your life.

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Time management is more and more important in the world of today, but it’s the quality of that time that really counts. Making the most of your quiet and busy times can bring life’s best rewards to you and your family.

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